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Be A Sponsor

Thanks for considering sponsorship of GRUX Online.


GRUX Online brings together current leaders in the space as well as aspiring GRUX professionals. Whether you're looking to hire new talent in this space or capture future clients for your products or services, our community is a small-yet-influential community of decision-makers and gamedev thought-leaders.

This event is a community-driven, volunteer-run and not-for-profit event, in collaboration with the IGDA GRUX SIG.


GRUX Online is a separate and independent event to the annual #gamesUR conference.

By sponsoring this event on 19th November you'll help keep the event free, make it more accessible, and help secure funding for future iterations and initiatives across the GRUX community. And we'll make sure our attendees know this too.

All pricing excludes relevant taxes. We can also consider custom sponsor packages to suit your needs.

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Patron: USD$300

We'll showcase your logo on:

  • this conference website

  • slideshows between talks, alongside other Patrons, on 19th November

as a thank-you for your support of GRUX Online and future initiatives.

Supporter: USD$500

We'll showcase your logo on:

  • this conference website

  • slideshows between talks, alongside other Supporters on 19th November

  • the post event email


and give our special thanks alongside all our Supporters in:

  • interstitials presented by the GRUX Online Host, at least 3-times-per-track in the livestreams

  • the post-event email


as a thank-you for your significant support of GRUX Online and future initiatives.

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Hero: USD$1,000

Limited to three sponsors total.

You're a key contributor to covering the costs of ASL interpretation, webhosting, and are helping ensure a future for GRUX Online and similar initiatives from the IGDA GRUX SIG.

We'll proudly showcase your company logo on this website and in official conference emails (pre- and post-event). In addition we'll include a 15 second video advert in our conference livestreams.

  • Up to 15 sec video ad provided by you

  • Alternatively, our GRUX Online host reads aloud your advertising copy over a slideshow

  • Each shown  3 times on each track, alongside up to two other Hero sponsors

  • 300 word promotional copy alongside your company logo on the website and post event email


If you'd like to sponsor us, don't hesitate to contact us here, or email

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